I am a Christian. I belong to a Christian family, I am a born again, and I am a Son of God. I am an a anointed and I belong to spiritual church and also god’s servant, I can expose myself among these qualities I can show my self to others with these above qualities. If I advertise my self with the above qualities, I can say one thing as general matter. This is their I am having connection with Jesus. There is a close relation with Jesus and me. I am governed through the God. That is the general matter in which name I can cell, it means that I am having fellowship with God. If I call me as a Christian, or born again, or belong to spiritual church, it means that I am living close with Jesus. The signs are essential if I say about me the above facts. A sportsman should show him as a sportsman. One military man should have with him the sign of a military man likewise a Police officer should show his special quality in him.


If we say that we have fellowship with Jesus, and walk in darkness, we lie and do not the truth (I John 1:6). It is must to think that we are Christians or we are having fellowship with Jesus. We can see there is a more differences between the Christianity, given in the Bible i.e. in the Christianity lived in the ancient churches by Apostles and disciples and the practical Christianity living in these days. Why this discrepancy? Where we stumble? We can notice and submit ourselves to live in a true Christian life during these last days. No man is a Christian by birth having Christian name or born a Christian parents. All born men whom born as an ordinary. It does not mean that we are having the good relation with Jesus as we attend a Christian church or staunch belief in Christian religion. The Bible does not say these are all signs that we are having fellowship with God. Perhaps we may pray a long time or we are fasting for many days or we may read Bible daily or we can hear preach through Radio, Television and C.D. These are all not sign that we are Christian; these qualities are with Pharisees and Jewish religious leaders, scribes living in the days of Jesus. Truly these people are more faith with than the Christians living now (Luke 18:11,12,20,47; Math 23:23-28). But Jesus scolded these people as hypocrites and white sepulchers, what is the reason? Their faith was like a holy only in the outside as wearing a mask but not inward God’s experience. Faith is like an outward disguise but not a spiritual happenings truly. They are proud to be called themselves a people of God. But truly the sign of God’s people are not seen in them. So Jesus told them that your not enter in the kingdom of heaven as your righteousness is not more than the Pharisees.


Paul writes to Timothy with prophesy during last days, the people who are having outward God’s faith but in their heart they deny (II Tim 3:5). Such is the status of Pharisees are seeing among the Christians wholly. The many people who are saying themselves as spiritual, saved people anointed are not having true signs to prove it. A Christian their signs which should they have as stated by Bible should have it mainly. It we are having other special quality; we are not a true Christians.


Signs : A Christians should have signs as stated in Galatians 5:22,23 the fruit of Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, and Temperance. These are all given for a Christian to lead a spiritual life with anointment with Holy Ghost; these are all a character of divinity. If a man be in Christ, he is a new creature old things are passed away, behold! All things are become new (II Cor 5:17). What is the sign of new creature? Old Sinful habits and Carnal habits are passed away and the above Godly habits export. Saved people, the people who having Holy Ghost and attending in spiritual churches praying with tongues are not seen changes in many people. Many Christian’s life who are attending churches regularly and hearing preaches have no change in their lives. In the Sinful world, People lived in a bad character; we have to show them a good character from differentiate them in this world. So, Jesus told, “You are light of the world”(Math 5:14). Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your father, which is in heaven (Math 5:16). Jesus said: here is in my father glorified, that he bears much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples (John 15:8). Among Christians living today instead of living in the character of Godliness, they are giving important to other things, so Christians are seen like gentiles. So gentiles are understand that the Christianity is also a religious.


In the RSS organizers oppose to preach Christian’s gospel to gentiles. It is justice that the RSS people ask the Christians that their Christians doctrines are not superior to see among the Christians, then why Christians try to change the non-Christians into Christianity. Many Christians think that the Christianity is also a religion; it is a wrong doctrine. Christianity is not a religion. It is a way for the Eternal life to the mankind. When we are not living in a true Christian way to lead gentiles into a changed life, it is understood that Christianity is also one of the religious. Paul emphasis in Philippians 2:5 “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus”: Why God saves and anointed men? Because the man must be changed into a image of Christ Jesus the Son of God. The man who is in a sinful nature of Adam should be changed like 2nd Adam the holiness of Jesus nature like a new man as Bible teach us that the man should be changed in righteousness and true holiness (Eph 4:22-24; Col 3:10). The devil deceived the early man (Adam) by snake to commit sin to think mankind instead of God’s advice. The man created in the image of God changed the God’s image and became like a image of sin and animal and joined in man’s image again to bring God’s image in man which was lost, Jesus came to this world.


Devil’s nature: The nature of devil is to oppose God and His revelations. The Sinful and unjust are devil’s nature. In Bible many verses are shown us about the devil’s nature (Rom 1:29,30; 6:6; I Cor 6:9,10; Gal 5:19,20; I Tim 3:1-4). The devil’s nature are uncleanness, anger, arrogant,stubbornness, strife, pride, envying, liar, deceiving are devil’s nature.


Beast’s characters: Eating while hunger, fighting while anger, sleeping while Tired, Searching Shelter, Saving things, Working, Reproduction is all not sin. But these qualities joined easily with devil’s nature. The chief activities by body, The stomach is in the main part of the body, it will kindle to satisfy them. Fasting To curtail the anger, Praying without sleeping to maintain the bodily wishes are Unable nature. These natures are slowly increased in human beings. Man spends More part of his income to the body requirement in this last days, man likes to Wander nakedly like beast (Gal 5:15; I Thes 4:5; Rom 6:19; Phil 3:19; 4:12)


Human nature: The human nature is centering himself. It easily mingled with devil’s nature and beast’s nature. In this nature selfishness is chief, and he Be leaves, that he could do every think by himself without the help of God. He boast himself and in a small circle thinking about his house, his family, his work and his health, and did not care others and his nature is about his church, and thinking that it is enough that he only can go to heaven, doing according to his wishes. Liking more himself is human nature. It does not hesitate to do anything to satisfy himself. Example: Adam and Lot (Luke 9:23; I Cor :14; Rom 12:8; Phil 2:4-8; John 12:24).


Divine nature: Living holy without Sin, loving others by forgiving their iniquities. Doing good by pardoning them, who act against, always happy, long suffering, peace, meek, loving enemies are divine nature, we can see divine’s nature in the whole Bible.


How to get change in the nature? The God’s Spirit makes man divine nature and its character. He will change our old man’s ature into new man, so every Christians must receive Holy Spirit anointment. During anointment God gives us spiritual fruitfulness, naturally divine nature is not in us, we will receive it through Holy Spirit. Unfortunately today’s Christians like spiritual gifts than spiritual fruitfulness. Gifts are given for the benefit of others but not for oneself. But spiritual fruitfulness gives divine nature to our own life, it is not judge oneself Christian are not with gifts. We can identify Christians by the fruitfulness (Math 7:16).


One who has Holy Spirit experiences daily against the lust of the flesh Holy Spirit acts against it (Gal 5:16,17). Through this nature and act, we’ll see change. To know Jesus’ s nature we can see in four gospels. We could know it by meditating in which place and in which circumstances we can try to order according to the situations. In the beginning it is little difficult but we will practice Jesus’ s nature one by one in our lives until it exposes. Gajini Mohammad battle 17th times to try to overcome India, But he was defeated 17th times. At last at the 18th time he won India. When we try to overcome with the help of God’s Spirit we definitely win.


Thirdly on the counseling of Apostolic Paul we will crucify the nature in us on the cross (Gal 5:24). Paul declared and told that “ I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not, But Christ lives in me; and the life which I now in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God (Gal 2:20). The anointed persons after receiving spirit of fruits did not get change in their nature with their lust on the cross. The true Christians lives are to bear the cross and follow Jesus.


Bearing the cross: Many thought that bearing the cross is the Lord called us to get trouble, but at the back of Lord’s calling when we see the real expectation we get feeling in us a big liberty. The Jesus Christ gave to important conditions those who follow Him. First are they late their nature second is to bear the cross.


Which is cross: First we will not act by our own nature and feeling, self desire, self thinking, self interest we will submit ourselves entirely in the Lord’s desire. Shortly saying we will come in the status of soul we could say like Paul “yet not I but Christ”. We will live the life of Christ and to leave the life of self-ambition. Secondly, we follow Jesus bearing the cross. Cross is not the meaning of bearing suffering, Sorrow, Diseases. Some may think that the cross is not to live with drunken husband, to grow extravagance children, living with in sufficient, living unbeliever wife or husband to govern old parents or father-in-law, mother-in-law. It is not the meaning to bear the cross-made by wood on Good Friday.


On the path of following Jesus Christ, If negative circumstances we will come and meet them and expect them the state of readiness is the point of bearing the cross, we will follow Jesus patiently while sorrow, shortness, abandons or reproaches Jesus says to those who lead real Christian life, we will submit ourselves wholly in His control, in His counseling. We will live by His will not by our wish. Bearing the cross is to submit us ourselves totally in Him. The potter will prepare the pot with clay in his hand. His will prepare beautiful things by his hand. So also when we submit ourselves to His hand. He will exalts us to a high place. The aim to call us to bear cross is not to suffer. He will make us perfect to change us like Him, and to put us in a high place to call us to bear His cross. Though it is very hard to hear to submit bearing cross. Jesus wants us to bear cross to be like Him to live as God’s belief, His love and share His nature. We will not come as God’s nature by our prayers and faith ambition, by the above, example fasting, prayer, worship and ministry. The submission of bearing cross is doing fundamentally is useful. Many, will not submitted their lives to the Lord wholly and give important to the spiritual activities and could not live true Christian life. There building (spiritual life is very weak) bearing cross is not useful without foundation like prayer, fasting, offering ministry and faith irregularities.


Bearing cross is also in the life of Abraham, His self thinking, doing. Motto, aim, liking and disliking could not lead his will by God until braham submit himself to God. True Christians in their lives in all matters likes to give first place to God only. They love more Him only. In this world they do not show love on money or kith and kin or any thing else. Who does love God more than himself is true believer? In this earth they do not save money and experience themselves as heathen and wanderer. They divide their wealth and give to the brothers and live. The early church Christians live as such. But today’s Christians are selfish and do not care brothers. They both are having same spirit and believe same God and hear same preaching’s.


Apostles preach Jesus’ s doctrine and they do what they preach. They live as directors instead of religious man. They reflect Jesus in their talk, character, and thinking, doing and ministering. They live totally surrendering. Much kind of problems like danger accepts all these for Jesus. They do not attend churches as duty but attend church as their lives and steadfast in it.


Likewise we are also called to expose the highest Christian doctrine such as real love, inner humility, long suffering to bear any thing humble, and compassion. We judge ourselves and go towards real Christian experiences. We have called for holiness but not for meanness of joy. We submit ourselves humbly throwing unnecessary faith mask and receiving real godly characters to receive Godly powerful experiences