Last year many peoples died from accident and thousands of peoples effected or died from improper climatic conditions. In these situations of this world our loving friends, relatives and nearest ones many were not alive. “Human beings lives like a shadow, which run away” (Ps 103:15). Many ones hope and faith became lie. What should be happen in my life? In this world how long am live? This worries trench us, in this condition Lord Jesus Christ gave one New Year in front of us. So, we thanks given to the Lord Jesus. Through the grace of God human being alive in this world. Life and death in the hand of Lord, whom this knows is, became wise. Jesus determines days to the man live. This is not important how long human live in this world either how his/her live.
Jesus extended one year of ours life, if we understand then we live according to the Jesus will. Through ours life God’s happy and He blesses us. Every year Christian had habits to take the decision and promises for this year. What promise gets from the Lord Jesus? If we really follow them, then we will get blessing. Human get promises through the commandment. Example: Mathew 7:7; 28:19,20. When promises not fulfills in his/her life, then his/her mind raises the question and doubt about His promises. But every one knows that Lord Jesus never denies His promises.
This year promises: What is Jesus Christ expect to us this year? That’s we should know about Jesus Christ expect to us and we read from the Bible books of Luke gospel. This year we give to be more fruit give them to the compare of previous year, this promise given to the people. We are understand from Luke chapter 13th verses 6th to 9th.
Meaning of the parable : In this book of Luke mentioned by heavenly father is Lord or King of the garden and the Lord Jesus Christ is gardener of that garden. Assume that grapes garden is like God’s church and fig tree is like believer’s. Garden of the Lord whom heavenly father waited that, when we gave fruit, but He always disappointed. Finally He said to His gardener I have waited three years and there has not been a single fig! Cut it down. It’s taking up space we can use for some thing else. But good and patience gardeners Jesus Christ answered to the garden’s owner-Give it one more chance. Leave it one another year. This year his give more fruit. By the grace of the Lord we get one New Year.
God’s hope: Heavenly father and Jesus Christ wants fruit for us. If this year we not give fruit to God, then how can we enter another new year? Through that we aware fully utilized this year.
Lord’s anger: In Bethany to Jerusalem way one fig tree beside the road stand but no fruit on it. Through that Jesus curse them (Mt 21:18,19). And immediately the fig tree withered up. Jesus angry there were only leaves. If we also live without fruit then Jesus anger for us. Without protection, without water, without concern is became like a wild fig tree. If concern through gardener (Church), protection, water given them, then after if its not give fruit, whom not be anger.
When we are jungle fig tree, that time we gave bitter fruit to the God. God never like that fruit. According to the books of Galatians chapter 5th verses 19th to 21st like bitter fruits we gave. But watchfully to keep and concern garden (Isa 27:3,4) put then afterwards bitter fully fruit given, then angry garden’s Lord came and destroyed the garden (Isa 5:3). We preciously told you that protection is remove its (Ps 121:4-8). When God’s shade removed, then wild animals means Satan attacked them and Satan take us to worldly view: worldly worries, physical and mentally lust, lust of money, and all wickedness came upon us. Clouds is removed and rain be stop means is that blessing is stop and chopped down and thrown into the fire (Lk 3:9; Mt 3:10). Due to that we will necessary to give fruit this year.
Good fruit: One good tree gives good fruit, Bad tree give bitter fruit. Good tree never gave bitter fruit; Bad tree never gave good fruit. Good people gives good fruit, bad people give bitter fruit. Through that fruit we recognized it; this fruit came from good tree or bad tree like that we recognized human beings through fruit (Mt 7:16-20; 12:33).
Fruit of repent: Who free from the flesh, world and Satan, ye became the servants of righteousness (Rom 6:16-19) through that ours repentant happened. Many ones live without repent and in became like wild fig tree. These types of peoples attend church every Sunday, regularly they given offering and preached also, but those peoples never give good fruit to the God. This people always give bitter fruit, but they claim that they give good fruit.
In our nation many of whom believe Jesus, serve to the Christ, they without repent to live. Then how can these peoples give good fruit? These types of peoples them, Christian ratios not raised, but the name of God is blasphemed among the gentiles (Rom 2:21,24). These types of peoples never repent and always give bitter fruit. Dear if you are not repent, then today you repent it and turn your mind to the God because Lord Jesus Christ still wait for you. If you repent, then through you heaven is happiness (Isa 55:7). If you live without repent, then Holy Bible gives you warning (Lk 13:3).
Till 15th August 1987, I am lives without repent. My life is not useful to others and myself. Where shall my mind gone that way I am spend my life. I know Jesus but never be experienced them. Many peoples watch my life and said, “Whom this fellow is Christian!”. After my repent I realized that how much I gave pain to the God. Am lived like: anger, foolishness, and youth pride. After repentant my life is totally changed.
We repent or not repent our worthy activities show (Mt 3:8, Lk 3:8). That’s the fruit of repentant (Mt 3:11,14), it is true that many people are repent, but do same work, those whom previously done. Ancient times church peoples do those work, which is worthy about repent (Acts 2:44,45; 4:32,34,35). These types of worthy works happen in this age? Many people ask this question, but answer – Is possible.
I know one preacher, whom lives lavishly, but when the day he repents, that day he distributes all the clothes to poor peoples left five clothes. Many Christian peoples live lavishly. They are hold more then enough. This is not wrong to hold how is enough,but left things given to the needy one.
In officially working time they taken bribe, but they were preach. Its means they had a lust of money. These types of Christian peoples live in this world. They were smoking and live in old sin; they were quarrel with brother inside and outside of home. They were living without repent.
Fruit of Soul: How we find out that one man had a soul or not? Bible said – In last day, many people show off godliness (2 Tim 3:4,5). In Paul’s days these types of peoples lived. So how we find out the true believers and the preachers? Holy Bible gives the answer clearly – “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them” (Mt 7:20).
Every Christian peoples are spiritual it can’t be said. We can’t say that tongues and prophesy spell peoples are spiritual. If you get anointment of the Holy Spirit, then in you Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance work on.
Christian: Christian means, “ The Spirit of Christ is in” (Rom 8:9). Its means show the meekness of Jesus, whom brings fruit of soul is witness of Jesus (Acts 1:8). The Bible called that peoples are teacher (Jn 13:35).
A God, relatives and world person wants we produce more fruit. In suffering and persecuting timing we saw that Jesus Christ had a fruit. Jesus said in the mount sermon about many fruit (Mt 5:3-10). Really Christian life means brings fruits.
One who has Holy Spirit experiences daily against the lust of the flesh Holy Spirit acts against it (Gal 5:16,17). Through this nature and act, we’ll see change. To know Jesus’ s nature we can see in four gospels. We could know it by meditating in which place and in which circumstances we can try to order according to the situations. In the beginning it is little difficult but we will practice Jesus’ s nature one by one in our lives until it exposes. Gajini Mohammad battle 17th times to try to overcome India, But he was defeated 17th times. At last at the 18th time he won India. When we try to overcome with the help of God’s Spirit we definitely win.
Fruits of discerning about the soul: Many peoples think that discerning about the soul liabilities depend on preachers. But every Christian had duties about discerning of the soul. This is diffidently said that its not specific call (Mt 5:16; Lk14: 23). Its essential to every believer’s to take part and give and live for His witness (Pro 14:25). A true witness helps many peoples to know about Jesus. Preacher had liabilities to said essentiality about the fruit of soul to every believer’s. Those churches cannot speak about soul that’s church called dead church.
John introduces Christ to own brother Simon and bring them to Jesus. Cornelius arranges prayer meeting and called friends and relatives to tell about Jesus. Why you cannot do this work? Those whom released from the Satan bind he tells about his reedom to another one. Samaritan woman taught about Jesus to her city peoples and bring them to Jesus.
Dear brothers and sisters if you are really believer of Jesus, then you tell about Jesus and bring them peoples to Jesus. Jesus said, “I am thirsty”. Please fulfill ness of His thirstiness. Take promises to every month or every week one soul bring into Jesus. This year bring new soul to yours church. Through that you deposited amount in yours account on heaven. “How much pluck, that much you get it”. Time is come to every believers win the soul..