Welcome to Dhaya Ministries


           This is a team ministry based on the Bible. We are a group of saved peoples from various denominations. It is an interdenominational organization; A Charitable Trust Body, (Which is registered by the Government of India, DHAYA MINISTRIES AND CHARITABLE TRUST) who owns the establishments and operates all of the activities both the Spiritual and the Social.

          By the Grace of our Almighty God Dhaya Ministries was started by the God’s man Sadhu Peter in he year 1996. God gave His burden and vision to Sadhu Peter about Dhaya Ministries. Through this burden Sadhuji came at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. Without knowing Hindi he started his ministries in Bhopal because of the zeal he had on God. God started to use him in mighty way and thousands of people were blessed because of his ministry. From there he started to reach many north Indian states during this period Bro. Alfred Daniel left his secular job and started to work with Sadhuji.

           In North India we are not allowed to do ministry openly. Sadhuji registered a charitable trust and was involved in all social activist like Medical camp, women awareness programs, child hygiene awareness programs, free tuitions, tailoring programs, crafts through these activities we started to preach God. So it was easy for us to reach the unreached people. We started to publish a periodical by the name ‘Dhaya Jothi’ published in Hindi and is been running successfully till today. God was using Sadhuji very mightily among many hilly region of North India and during his ministry in a hilly region he got sick though he was ill. Sadhuji traveled from the North India to South state of Kerala to preach God’s word and on 6th Dec’2006 he was pass away for the Glory.

         ‘Dhaya Charity Trust’ board members is elected Bro. Alfred Daniel as the Chairman after Sadhuji death. Team members took decision with prayer to send missionaries unreachable remote tribal villages in the northern parts. From 2007 onward send missionaries unreachable places in North India. First missionaries send to the Chhattisgarh. Now many parts of Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa 14 missionaries works among unreachable places. In 2009 our team members took decision to register ‘Dhaya Ministries & Charitable Trust’ as a religious body. In this occasion we started to publish Tamil magazines ‘Rhema’. We are publishing English magazine ‘Rhema Periodicals’ 2013 onward. By His Grace we also publishing Books & Tracks. This is not our power or strength; this is purely God’s grace.

          The grace and the love of God the Father, resurrection power of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Mighty power of the Holy Spirit be with the us all.

           According to the promise word of God, “A little one shall become a thousand and a small a one a strong nation. I the Lord, shall hasten it in His time”, He has been faithful in fulfilling this word in our Ministry. Dhaya Ministries started in the year 1996 in an humble way to the unreached north Indian villages and God is guiding us from that day till now.